Otaika Valley Free Range Egg Farm has been operating since 2007 and is situated just south of Whangarei in the stunning Northland.

Our hens are free to roam and partake in their daily activities such as scratching, perching, dust bathing and foraging. At night they rest in spacious safe barns. They are fed with wholesome natural grains so they produce an equally wholesome and healthy egg. One taste and you’ll notice the difference.

Our eggs are sold nationwide into leading supermarkets, fruit and vegetable stores, retailers, cafes and restaurants.

Our Farm
Photo of hens, roaming on Otaika Valley free range farm, NZ.

Did you know that eggs are not just good for you, but good for the planet?

At Otaika Valley Free Range Eggs, we truly care for the environment.

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled and biodegradable paper sources.

We have planted hundreds of trees that have made a positive impact on our carbon footprint which will continue as the trees mature.

We are constantly striving to become more environmentally friendly to reduce our carbon footprint.


Photo of hens, roaming on Otaika Valley free range farm, NZ.

Both the carton and the label including all inks and glues - are completely biodegradable. Even better, our entire packaging process is entirely carbon neutral. When we say environmentally friendly, we mean evironmentally friendly.

Our egg cartons are formed from recycled paper. Waste paper is collected from printing presses, offices and homes, sent to the factory and washed in an organic soap to remove the print. During the filtering process all solid and foreign objects such as plastic are removed before the paper is pulped and shaped. After shaping, the egg cartons are placed on drying trays and then put through the drying oven where they are heated to create a solid egg carton.

Our carton labels are printed with environmentally friendly vegetable inks.

Otaika Valley free range size 6 mixed grade eggs carton.

Scientific evidence shows that eggs are a highly nutritious food that can be included in the diet of healthy New Zealanders.

Like other healthy foods such as lean meat & poultry, eggs are a nourishing food. They are also an excellent source of protein to fuel the brain and maintain healthy muscle mass. So why not enjoy an egg today!

Free range egg from Otaika Valley, NZ.
Nutritional Info
Nutritional information for various size mixed grade free range eggs.

Many of the large customers we supply require strict and regular auditing programmes to which we adhere to.

We are independently audited by Assure Quality Ltd which verifies compliance with the Animal Code of Welfare (2012) for free range layer hens. They’re 100% owned by the New Zealand Government and they provide food safety and biosecurity services globally to the food and primary production sectors.

As well as these audits, the Ministry for Primary Industries requires a Risk Management Programme which ensures that the products we produce are fit for purpose – that is safe, suitable and truthfully labelled.


Independently audited free range stamp of approval.
Photo of hens, roaming on Otaika Valley free range farm, NZ.